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NO hazing, NO yellowing, NO milky finish

CrystaLac Waterborne Finishes

 CrystaLac Waterborne Finishing Products are highly developed, carefully researched and formulated, premium grade acrylic and polyurethane resins using the latest waterborne technology. CrystaLac finishes can be used in place of nitrocellulose lacquer, polyurethane, or varnishes and can be applied to wood, metal, or ceramic products. They dry rapidly to form a crystal clear, hard, durable finish. CrystaLac finishes are designed to be used right from the can and are perfect for use with high volume low pressure (HVLP) equipment or can also be easily brushed.

Brite Tone Instrument Finish / High Solids Polyurethane
from $14.99
CrystaLac Extreme Protection POLYURETHANE (Non-Yellowing) (Water Based)
from $15.50
CrabCoat Exterior Marine Grade Finish. UV Stabilized and Water Clean-Up. Environmentally Safe
CrabCoat Exterior Marine Finish Clear, UV TopCoat
from $19.99
CrystaLac COLORED Polyurethane (waterbased) Top Coat/Base Coat
from $12.95
CrystaLac Ornament Magic Eco Friendly Crafting Gloss
from $8.99
Gift Cards
from $20.00

Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Non-yellowing

CrystaLac is dedicated to taking care of YOU, our ENVIROMENT, and our WORLD. All of our products are safe to use, environmentally friendly, and high quality specialty products.

Most popular Kit
Tumbler Kit
Everything you need to make your own CrystaLac tumblers!
DIY Favorite
Make your own stains w/CraftNique
Concentrated Pigments and our Clear Gel-Stain base make color matching EASY (recipe book included)
15 pre-made colors

Staining made simple

Awesome Paint!

3-in-1 Primer, Paint and Topcoat does it all! Buy pre-made colors, or make your own

Glitter Glue

CLEAR adhesive for Vinyl, Glitter or Fabric Application