Stock Shortage Update

Due to a world wide shortage of raw materials for the manufacturing of coatings, we will have a shortage of some of our finishing products. We are assured that this is a temporary situation. We are working with our suppliers to get back to full production as soon as possible.

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All CrystaLac products are Environmentally Safe and Proudly Made in the U.S.A

CrystaLac Waterborne Finishes

 CrystaLac Waterborne Finishing Products are highly developed, carefully researched and formulated, premium grade acrylic and polyurethane resins using the latest waterborne technology. CrystaLac finishes can be used in place of nitrocellulose lacquer, polyurethane, or varnishes and can be applied to wood, metal, or ceramic products. They dry rapidly to form a crystal clear, hard, durable finish. CrystaLac finishes are designed to be used right from the can and are perfect for use with high volume low pressure (HVLP) equipment or can also be easily brushed.

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Whats New

It's "Knot" Shellac - Clear Stain and Tannin Blocking Primer and Sealer

We now have 13 pre-mixed Gel Stain & Glaze Colors available in the CraftNique Line.

It's Here! - 13 colors of Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Furniture Paint. This has a built in primer/stain blocker, bonding agent, UV stabilizers, self levels, full coverage and also a built in Top Coat!

Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer & Built in Top Coat

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CraftNique Metallics Are Here!

 We now have 5 Highly Concentrated Metallics added to our CraftNique Color Boutique Line. Silver is a Bright White Silver that reflects light so beautifully. Gold is a Brilliant Royal Gold. Copper is a Glitzy Patina Copper/Bronze. Champagne is a beautiful combination of a Sparkly Silver and Gold and Rose is our newest Pinkish shade of Red.

Metallics can be used straight as is or mixed into any of our clear top coats or Gel Stain Base.