39 products

39 products
2 Inch Quality Foam Brushes
2 Oz mixing cups 10 cups with lids
2 Sided Sanding Sponge 220 Grit
Black & White Draw Down Cards 10 pack
Brite Tone Hand Rubbed Finishing Kit
Brite Tone Instrument Finish / High Solids Polyurethane
from $23.99
Clear Shellac Spray Sealant
Color Shift Liquid Mica (Galaxy) 1oz
CrabCoat Exterior Marine Grade Finish. UV Stabilized and Water Clean-Up. Environmentally Safe
CrabCoat Exterior Marine Finish Clear, UV TopCoat
from $19.99
CraftNique Clear Gel Stain/Glaze & DIY Tintable Base
from $16.50
CraftNique Color Boutique DIY Concentrated Pigments
from $9.99
CraftNique Colored Gel Stain & Glaze (water-based) Pre-made
from $7.25
Gel Stain Kit
CraftNique DIY Clear GEL STAIN starter Kit (Pint Size)
CraftNique Liquid Mica Concentrated Metallics
from $10.99
Sold Out
CrystaLac Apron
CrystaLac Clear Wood Grain Filler
from $14.99
CrystaLac COLORED Polyurethane (waterbased) Top Coat/Base Coat
from $15.50
CrystaLac Extreme Protection POLYURETHANE (Non-Yellowing) (Water Based)
from $15.50
CrystaLac Glitter Glue Adhesive
from $7.99
CrystaLac Granat Sanding Pad 400 Grit
CrystaLac Hat
CrystaLac Reducer / Retarder Waterbased Paint Thinner & Extender
from $7.99
CrystaLac SANDING SEALER / Clear Amber Toned Undercoat
from $14.99
CrystaLac Soft (Blush) Application Brushes
from $5.99
CrystaLac Surface Conditioner
from $7.99
CrystaLac T Shirt
13 Color sampler Set
Part of sampler set (13 colors)
Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer & Built in Top Coat
from $5.25
Gift Cards
from $25.00
Instrument Kit (Gloss)
It's Knot Shellac
from $26.00
Measuring Spoons
Mixing and Storage Containers with Lids
from $2.50
Replacement Spout for 12 oz bottles
Taklon Soft Synthetic Brush
Tumbler Brochure
Tumbler Kit (Epoxy Free)
Universal White DIY Tintable Paint Base and Primer
from $22.99
Warm Tone Dye Concentrate
Sold Out
Wood Graining Tool
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