CrystaLac  Waterbased Dye Stains
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CrystaLac Waterbased Dye Stains

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(Note:These Dye Stains are not the same product as the CraftNique DIY Gel Stains)

CrystaLac's Dye Stain is a state of the art formulation using the latest technology available. We use only the finest grade of fade resistant, nano sized micro pigments blended with beautiful transparent dyes, creating the richest of colors available in a water-based system.  All our stains are Environmentally Safe, easy to use and contain no V.O.C's. We offer 12 brilliant colors which are inter-mixable to produce new shades. Our unique Clear Base Stain can be used to reduce the colors to a lighter shade and also be used as a Stain Conditioner.  Dye Stains are also available in a Gel / Mousse which is excellent for using on vertical surfaces.

CrystaLac Stains can be mixed with equal parts of stain and CrystaLac Sanding Sealer to create a unique blend of an All in One Stain and Sealer which can be brushed on or sprayed. This can be used on bare wood or on top of an existing finish! 

Also blending stain colors with CrystaLac Universal White will produce endless color options that will serve as a great colored base paint for furniture similar to chalk paints.

How to use:

Spray, Brush or Wipe on stain in the direction of the wood grain. Using a lint free rag, immediately wipe off excess stain, always wiping in the direction of the grain. Allow stain to fully dry - usually one hour. If a darker color is desired, apply a second coat, or leave stain on longer with the first coat giving it more time to penetrate. Water based stains dry quickly so it is best to work in small sections. If you want a very even looking stain where everything is one color and not darker in the knots and grooves, try applying CrystaLac Clear Stain Base first as a stain conditioner. Also our Wood Grain Filler can be used on the bare wood and stained on top. It is made to fill in the tiny pores on porous woods but also accepts stain color. It is always suggested to check stain colors on a test piece of scrap wood before committing to an entire project. CrystaLac Stains are highly concentrated and made to be wiped off before top coating. Once a CrystaLac finish is applied, our dye stain colors will "pop" and be a brilliant, richer color, that won't be seen until after top coating. 
All CrystaLac Stains and Finishes can be cleaned up simply using soap and water.


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