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PolyOxide (Polyurethane) Wood Floor Finish

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CrystaLac PolyOxide Wood Floor Finish is a Gymnasium Tough, Heavy Duty, Non-Yellowing, Scuff Resistant, Water Based Polyurethane that is U.V. Stabilized and Fortified with Aluminum Oxide for Exceptional Durability.

CrystaLac PolyOxide Wood Floor Finish is an amazing, easy to use, water based polyurethane finish. It can be brushed, sprayed or mopped on with a lamb's wool applicator. The finish dries to the touch within an hour and additional coats can be applied every two hours. A flooring project can be completed with four to five coats applied in only one days' time!

Another advantage of using PolyOxide Wood Floor Finish is that there is virtually no smell. This is a great benefit when doing home projects. Traditional polyurethane wood floor finish can leave harmful, lingering odors for weeks.
PolyOxide can also be used for any interior woodworking project.

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