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Instrument and Luthier Products

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    Several of our products can be used to seal, stain, paint, and topcoat your instrument from start to finish. CrystaLac specializes in manufacturing water-based products that are non-toxic, self-leveling, non-yellowing, little to no V.O.C, easy to apply, and have amazing, durable results. 

    CrystaLac offers:

    • Wood Grain Filler to help provide a smooth, glass-like surface.
    • Amber Toned Sanding Sealer, Shellac, and Its "Knot Shellac" for sealing.
    • 6 pre-made Gel Stains or the option to create your own stain using the Pigments added into the Clear Gel Stain and Glaze Base.
    • 25 pre-made Flip'n Awesome 3 in 1 Paints that consist of a Primer, Paint, and Topcoat all in 1 bottle, or you can create your own colors using the Pigments added into the Universal White Tintable Paint Base, Primer & Top Coat.
    • 8 Concentrated Colorant Pigments that can be added into all the products listed on this page. You can tint your Wood Grain Filler, create your own stain and paint, and tint you Brite Tone Topcoat. The possibilities are endless! Visit for color combination and recipe guide.
    • 5 Colored Polyurethane Top Coats in the options of Red Gloss, Blue Gloss, Yellow Gloss, Black Gloss or Satin, and White Gloss or Satin. 
    • Brite Tone Instrument Finish / High Solids Polyurethane is our top-notch topcoat. Brite Tone is provided in 3 different sheens such as Matte, Satin, or Gloss. The Gloss is known for its mirror like shine. Brite Tone is self-leveling, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy brush or spray application, durability with amazing high solids content, and non-toxic. CrystaLac is proud to say that Brite Tone is used on Rockbridge Guitars. Follow this link to see the Artists that have Brite Tone on their guitar:

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    34 products
    Instrument Kit (Gloss)
    Brite Tone Hand Rubbed Finishing Kit
    Brite Tone Instrument Finish / High Solids Polyurethane
    from $14.99
    CrystaLac Clear Wood Grain Filler
    from $14.99
    CrystaLac SANDING SEALER / Clear Amber Toned Undercoat
    from $14.99
    It's Knot Shellac
    from $26.00
    Clear Shellac Spray Sealant
    CrystaLac Reducer / Retarder Waterbased Paint Thinner & Extender
    from $7.99
    CrystaLac COLORED Polyurethane (waterbased) Top Coat/Base Coat
    from $12.95
    Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer & Built in Top Coat
    from $7.95
    CraftNique Colored Gel Stain & Glaze (water-based) Pre-made
    from $13.99
    Gel Stain Kit
    CraftNique DIY Clear GEL STAIN starter Kit (Pint Size)
    CraftNique Color Boutique DIY Concentrated Pigments
    from $9.99
    Universal Paint Base and Primer
    from $11.95
    CraftNique Clear Gel Stain/Glaze & DIY Tintable Base
    from $16.50
    Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat
    from $9.99
    Liquid Mica (Concentrated Metallics)
    from $10.99
    Color Shift Liquid Mica (Galaxy) 1oz
    Warm Tone Dye Concentrate
    CrystaLac Surface Conditioner
    from $7.99
    CrystaLac Glitter Glue Adhesive
    from $7.99
    Taklon Soft Synthetic Brush
    2 Inch Quality Foam Brushes
    2 Sided Sanding Sponge 220 Grit
    CrystaLac Granat Sanding Pad
    from $3.50
    2 Oz mixing cups 10 cups with lids
    Mixing and Storage Containers with Lids
    from $2.50
    Measuring Spoons
    CrystaLac Hat
    CrystaLac T Shirt
    Glitter Heart Co Glitter
    from $3.68
    Waterbased Inks
    from $5.25
    PDB Glitter
    from $8.00
    Glitter and Flip’N Awesome Matches
    from $12.10
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