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      We have several products that can be used with your tumblers and crafts. Most are using our Grande Finale (GF) or Brite Tone (BT) as an alternative to Epoxy. Both are Waterbased products and are very high in solids so it builds quicker than any other Waterbased products. It is very different than epoxy as you have to use several thin layers versus 2 to 4 layers of epoxy. The layers dry quickly and can be re-coated every 2 (GF) to 4 (BT) hours. It can’t be used in molds because it’s not a pouring type product due to it needing to dry in thin layers. Colorants can be added to it. We have 8 intermixable Concentrated Colorants which gives you tons of color options. Also liquid mica metallics.

      In terms of safety, there is no comparison. All Crystalac products are non hazardous and non toxic. They are completely safe to use- even indoors.
      No mixing or toxic fumes released. The only protection needed is if you are sanding or spraying the products. In that case, a mask is recommended. In almost 40 years of making coatings, we have never had an allergic reaction reported. Below is a list of our Tumbler products and use so you can see which products the crafting market is using. You can also join our amazing CrystaLac Tumblers and Crafts (OFFICIAL) page on FaceBook for great tips for getting started.

      Tumbler Products and Use


      We have several bases that can be used to give you options for a colored basecoat.

      *Universal Primer – Available in White, Gray & Black. Universal Paint and Primer is very durable and has great bonding properties plus rust protection for your stainless-steel tumblers. An added benefit for wood projects is its ability to block tannins. Universal White can be used alone as a white basecoat, or it can be tinted to any pastel to medium base color using any of the CraftNique Color Boutique Concentrated (liquid) Pigments. Universal Paint and Primer can be used on properly prepped Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Plastic and Glass.   

      Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer and TopCoat.
      Flip'N Awesome is a unique combination of our Universal Primer and one of our specialty made topcoats giving you the benefits of all these qualities in one product plus ease of use due to its self-leveling properties. These are perfect for using as a colored basecoat or to use in place of spray paints. 30 beautiful colors that are easy to use giving full coverage with only 1-2 coats. Flip'N Awesome colors can be mixed together or mixed with our liquid pigments to make your own unique colors. These dry quickly and can be recoated in only 4 hours with the benefit of being used indoors. Perfect for your wintertime projects. 

      *Colored Poly - Our Colored Poly is pigmented Extreme Protection. (Stir Well) These can also be used as a base undercoat for wood, metal, ceramic, Plastic and Glass. They contain rust inhibitors and adhere extremely well. CraftNique Liquid Mica metallics can also be added into the these for a unique shimmer effect. 


      ​Grande' Finale 
      The perfect TopCoat specifically designed and created for Tumblers & Crafts. It is our recommended topcoat for Tumblers. Grande' Finale has a semi thick consistency making it easy to spread by brush or hand. It self-levels and you can reapply it quickly with only a 2 hour recoat time.
      Grande' Finale 2.0 is here. 2 years in the making and we're so excited to bring this amazing product to you. 
      Grande' Finale’ 2.0 is a one-of-a-kind, unique TopCoat (Acrylothane) that is based on the latest technology in the coatings industry. This is a custom, proprietary blend of ingredients not found in any other products available in the market. It is made up of several polymers that are chemically engineered and crosslinked together to become one. The benefit of chemically grafting is you get the best qualities of each of the polymers plus some added benefits that improve the coating as a whole. 

      ​*Brite Tone is a High Solids Polyurethane based Topcoat that will give a Super Clear, High Gloss, Durable, Protective Finish to your project. Brite Tone can be used on multiple surfaces. For tumblers, we recommend waiting 4 hours between each coat.

      *Both Grande' Finale & Brite Tone can be used to build your coats, or as bases for adhering and sealing glitters and micas. Sometimes vinyl and glitter may need to be sealed with a solvent-based spray sealer in order to avoid repelling and or bleeding. Both products can be tinted using CraftNique Color Boutique Concentrated (liquid) Pigments.

      *Color Boutique Concentrated Pigments -
      Did you know that you can make endless color combinations by adding just a FEW DROPS of these pigments into CrystaLac products? You can mix them into Universal White to make PAINT colors, mix into Grande Finale or Brite Tone to make COLORED GLOSS, mix into Clear Gel Stain to make STAINS, mix into GLITTER GLUE, mix into Ink Blending Solution to make INKS & mix into the Liquid MICAS to make new colors! Lots of possibilities! 

      These are NOT Paints - They are colorants used to make paint! CraftNique Color Boutique is a unique coloring system made up of highly concentrated, nano sized pigment colors that can be easily mixed into any of the CrystaLac or CraftNique Bases to create your very own DIY Paint, Stains, Glazes, and Topcoats. We've put together 8 standard colors that can be used alone or inter-mixed together to make endless color combinations.

      *Mica Liquid Metallics - Color Boutique Liquid Mica Metallics are Highly Concentrated Mica Pigments incorporated into a liquid solution making them super easy to use without having to deal with airborne particles - unless you like them in your eyes, nose and skin. 7 super rich sparkly colors (Silver, Gold, Copper, Rose, Champagne, Pink Quartz and Galaxy Color Shift). Add directly into Grande' Finale or Brite Tone, or use straight for intense color similar to gold leafing. Use approximately 1 tsp per pint. Adjust more or less to attain the desired appearance and effect. Top- Coat to protect.

      CrystaLac Glitter Glue Adhesive is perfect for adhering and sealing all your crafting projects. It is a Waterbased, Non-Yellowing, Clear, Permanent, Bonding Glue. It is safe to use, and it contains No V.O.C's, its Non-Toxic and FDA Compliant. CrystaLac Glitter Glue Bonds to most surfaces including Glass, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Fabric, Paper and more. It can be brushed or sprayed through a pump sprayer.

      CrystaLac Inks - These are Non-Toxic, Waterbased Inks that are made with highly concentrated, nano size particle pigments. Beautiful colors that are completely compatible with our TopCoats as well as Epoxy. They create beautiful lacing effects.


      Properly prepping your tumbler is a critical step before using any paints or topcoats on it. We suggest a light scuff sanding with 400 grit sandpaper to ruff up the surface and then wipe clean with alcohol to remove any traces of dust or fingerprints.

      Apply CrystaLac products at room temperature (68 to 75 degrees) and allow 2 to 4 hours drying time between coats of paint and/or finish depending on which product. Finishes will self-level as they dry. Do Not Use heat guns to force drying. Full hardness can take up to 30 days. You can gently use before that, but it will continue to harden over a 30 day period.

      Hand wash only with soap and water and do not submit tumblers to extreme heat or cold.
      Store at room temp. Do Not Freeze or expose to heat.

      All products manufactured by The CrystaLac Company are Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Non-Yellowing and completely safe to use indoors. Use a mask when sanding or spraying. We are a family-based company here in the USA that has been making environmentally safe coating for almost 40 years.

      Join our amazing CrystaLac Tumblers and Crafts official page on FaceBook! It has step-by step guides, tutorials and more:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2048034885233202

      35 products
      Tumbler Kit (Epoxy Free)
      from $49.95
      Grande' Finale 2.0 Fast Dry Tumbler Coat
      from $12.95
      Brite Tone Instrument Finish / High Solids Polyurethane
      from $23.99
      Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer & Built in Top Coat
      from $7.95
      NEON Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer & Built in Top Coat
      from $7.95
      Universal Paint Base and Primer
      from $11.95
      CrystaLac COLORED Polyurethane (waterbased) Top Coat/Base Coat
      from $12.95
      CrystaLac Glitter Glue Adhesive
      from $7.99
      CraftNique Color Boutique DIY Concentrated Pigments
      from $9.99
      Color Shift Liquid Mica (Galaxy) 1oz
      CraftNique Liquid Mica Concentrated Metallics
      from $10.99
      CrystaLac Waterbased Inks
      from $5.25
      Glitter Heart Co Glitter
      from $3.68
      CraftNique Clear Gel Stain/Glaze & DIY Tintable Base
      from $16.50
      Clear Shellac Spray Sealant
      CrystaLac Granat Sanding Pad
      from $3.50
      2 Sided Sanding Sponge 220 Grit
      CrystaLac Soft (Blush) Application Brushes
      from $5.99
      Zibra Fan Paintbrush
      Taklon Soft Synthetic Brush
      2 Inch Quality Foam Brushes
      1.2 Oz Squeeze Bottles (5 pack)
      Black & White Draw Down Cards 10 pack
      2 Oz mixing cups 10 cups with lids
      CrystaLac Apron
      CrystaLac Reducer / Retarder Waterbased Paint Thinner & Extender
      from $7.99
      12 oz Cylinder Squeeze Bottles
      from $0.99
      Replacement Spout for 12 oz bottles
      CrystaLac T Shirt
      CrystaLac Hat
      Tumbler Brochure
      from $7.49
      PDB Glitter
      from $8.00
      Glitter and Flip’N Awesome Matches
      from $12.10
      Fan Brush (small)
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